BCHPonzi.com -- the honest Ponzi game

Send BCH and get 120% BCH back

Your payout is funded by the "investors" who deposit after you.

Investment Ranges per Quarter
starting ending minimum maximum
* current * 24:00:00 18:00:01 0.0005 0.001 * current *
18:00:00 12:00:01 0.0005 0.010
12:00:00 06:00:01 0.0050 0.100
06:00:00 00:00:01 0.0500 1.000


This quarter's minimum: 0.0005 maximum: 0.001
Any deposits UNDER the minimum or OVER the maximum will be LOST
DO NOT send from a Web Wallet/Exchange since the return address may not work!

(Unsure if this thing works? Send exactly 0.0000123 BCH HERE and it should be returned (minus network fee) within 15 minutes)

Before depositing, users should understand and accept the risks associated with this game.
Payments will -- and can only be -- made once new deposits have been made.
BCHPonzi will claim a 5% fee from the general pool for server costs, transaction fees, et. al.
Remaining funds unable to pay next investor @ 120% will be raked.


Game will start on first deposit

Investments needed for next payout

Warning: You may or may not get your coins back -- only send coins if you are willing to write it off as a donation. We assume no responsibility or give any guarantees.


# Input Address 1 Investment Return TX ID State
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