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where you can earn bitcoin while learning about it, too!

Send BCH and get 120% BCH back

Your payout is funded by the "investors" who deposit after you.

Investment Ranges per Quarter
starting ending minimum maximum
* current * 24:00:00 18:00:01 0.00005 0.001 * current *
18:00:00 12:00:01 0.00050 0.010
12:00:00 06:00:01 0.00500 0.100
06:00:00 00:00:01 0.05000 1.000


This quarter's minimum: 0.00005 maximum: 0.001
Any deposits UNDER the minimum or OVER the maximum will be LOST
DO NOT send from a Web Wallet/Exchange since the return address may not work!

------------[     ]------------

Game will start on first deposit

Unsure if this thing works?
Send exactly 0.0000123 BCH HERE and it will be returned automatically*
or try TESTNET!


# Input Address 0 Investment Return TX ID State

Before depositing, users should understand and accept the risks associated with this game. Payments will -- and can only be -- made once new deposits have been made. BCHPonzi will claim a 5% fee from the general pool for server costs, transaction fees, et. al. Remaining funds unable to pay next investor will be raked. Warning: You may or may not get your coins back -- only send coins if you are willing to write it off as a donation. We assume no responsibility or give any guarantees.

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